Selasa, 16 November 2010

bubles effect

This is simple bubble that makes with adobe photoshop.. very easy and my tutorial will be easy to follow.. I hope :D

This tutorial is for Adobe Photoshop beginner user ..

Create new document

fill with gradient tool.. use blue color to white.. or up to you for the color.

Make a circle using elliptical marquee tool.. press shift when creating a circle ..

Create new layer .. click layer > new > layer

and then click brush tool with size 100 px..

Fill just every side of the circle.. make a light (one click ) on the circle, its will make the bubble looks real ..

I will make a mirror of the bubble .

Press CTRL + J to duplicate a layer

and then drag a bubble ( duplicate ) to the bottom of the bubble (real)

change the opacity to 50% or 30%

Erase a half of the bubble (duplicate) with eraser tool

The result of this photoshop tutorial after I create another bubbles..

Have a nice day..