Selasa, 16 November 2010

efek crystal ball

Crystal Ball Effect with Adobe Photoshop CS3

Nov 08

We will make a crystal ball effect with adobe photoshop..

Create a document

Fill it with Black..

Open the picture document to edit

Crop The picture with crop tool.

Drag cropped picture to new document

Click Edit > Transform > Warp ( Adobe photoshop CS 3 or higher )

Warp setting : inflate

Click and drag point editor to make the picture looks circle.

Press Enter and the image will look like this

It will not be circle exactly but we will make it circle..

just use elliptical marquee tool .. then apply to the “not” circle picture, Press Shift while making the circle with elliptical marquee tool and it will be a circle exactly.

Click Select > inverse to select outside circle made by elliptical marquee tool and then press Delete on the keyboard.

Click Select > Inverse ( Again ) to select the circle.

Create New layer upper than the circle picture to apply some highlight effect

Use Brush tool with soft round mode, fill all side of the circle with white color.

Fill on the circle just for a highlight to make the crystal ball looks real

Press CTRL + E to merge circle layer to picture layer.

We will making shadow of the crystal ball.

Press CTRL + J to Duplicate merged layer..

Click Edit > Transform > Flip Vertical

Drag to the bottom of original picture.

TIPS : Press SHIFT while move the duplicate image to make it still on the rail

then Click layer > layer mask > Reveal All

Apply gradient (black to white ) from upper the image to the bottom limit of the document.

Reduce the Opacity

The result of this tutorial will be like this :

have a nice day.!!