Selasa, 16 November 2010

different color

How about waterdrop effect with photoshop ? is it very easy ? I wish you can do all the instructions..

Fun thing that you can do to your pictures is how to make it unique.. maybe this photoshop tutorial give you an inspiration to make something fun… this is only photoshop basic but believe me .. it will be useful.

Open a picture which you want to edit

Use polygonal lasso tool to select which part of the picture that you want to make different of the color.

Click Select > Inverse it will show like picture below

Click Select > modify > feather to make at the selection area looks smooth..

Now press CTRL +SHIFT + U to desaturated selected area, or Click Image > adjustment > desaturate

and then click Image > adjustment > Brightness/Contrass

And the result of the Photoshop Tutorial is

Very simple, right ?

Just try and have a nice day folks.. !