Rabu, 07 Juli 2010



Adit : Hallo, excuse me...!
Are you student in communication faculty of Gunadarma?
Nashir : Yes, I’m..
What’s happen??
Adit : No..no..i’m just for asking
I’m student in communication faculty too.
Nashir : Really??
Nice to meet you here.
What’s your name?
Adit : My name’s Adit. I’m from Jakarta.
And you?
Nashir : My name’s Ahmad Nashiruddin, you can call me Nashir.
I’m from “kota hujan” Bogor.
Fauji : (Coming from toilet) Hallo Shir!
Who is he?
Nashir : He is Adit. And he is our friend in communication faculty of Gunadarma.
Adit : Hmm...yes, i’m Adit from Jakarta?
Surely, you know Jakarta?
Fauji : Yes, of course.
Jakarta is capital city of our country.
By the way, what’s the traditonal culture from Jakarta?
Adit : One of them is Ondel-ondel.
Its very famous in Jakarta around.
Nashir : Yes, that’s right.
I know Ondel-ondel, its very wonderful!
But i don’t know what the traditional food from Jakarta?
Adit : The traditional food from Jakarta such as Roti Buaya, Kerak Telor, Gado-gado,etc.
Hmm... Fauji where do you come from?
Fauji : I’m from Medan in North of Sumatera
Horas Medan!!
Adit : Ooh..Its very far from here.
Fauji : Yes, I’m stay here with my aunt in Pengasinan Depok.
Adit : By the way, what’s your opinion about Gunadarma?
Nashir : Please, allow me to answer your question.
In my opinion, Gunadarma is good University. There are many facilities and exactly local area networking (hospot area). Especially communication science is new program from gunadarma. But actually, they are very seriously with this program.
Fauji : That’s right..!
In Gunadarma, we can explore our talent, exactly in Information Technology (IT). There ar many students community, and we can join us.
Adit : Wow..Its wonderful to be here.
I hope what’s your speak is reality.
Fauji : Yeah..I hope so.
Nashir : My friends, time is over.
Now, we must go to our class, we’ve get the first our lecture.
Adit : Ok, Lets go there...

Member Of Group : 1. Aditya Rahmat P.
2. Ahmad Fauji
3. Ahmad Nashiruddin