Rabu, 07 Juli 2010


Love is the fundament of our everyday life. Our activities are coloured with love and love is the blood of our relation with God’s Creatures. It’s not easy to define what love is all about, because love concerns many aspect and surely we can never describe what exactly mean of love.
In our daily life we can devide love into several categories. We can differ the love what we have for our parents, our brothers and sisters, our best friends, our lover and of course our Love to the Creator. When a man and a woman make up their minds to go through this life together, we know that they are in love. When a brother brings home a sweet doll for his younger sister, we call that love even. When a mother is getting angry to her child, she does it because she loves him. Loves is one of the mystery in our life. In love we not only find passion, truth and belief, but hate and hurt as well.
Although love is undescribable it is something that we can touch with our feelings and our hearts. Sometimes we say that we love someone, but actually what we feel is only admiration, and we just can not differ love from admiration. It’s said that when we feel want to get close to someone all the time and we are willing to do everything for that person without anything in return, we love that person. However, I pesonally believe that love is more than that. Even if the above definition is close enough to the love what we have for our lover, it is greater than any or its definition in this world.
Finally, I’d like to emphasize that once again, love is one of the greatest mystery in our life. The most important thing is not the definition but how we would like to thank the one for love he gives us. Each of us know what love is through experience, and if you were in pain because of love, you were never in love.

By : Ahmad Nashiruddin